The Results

Grazing by goats inhibits growth of noxious plants and removes the fuel of fire.

Dry ground-level vegetation is not the only flashy fuel that is a fire hazard. Low tree branches create a fuel ladder causing a fire to crown at higher levels. A safe canopy height is achieved naturally by goats at a level of approximately 6 feet. Goats are natural browsers and, like deer, will feed on leaves and branches of trees within their reach. Young trees can be protected from the goats by proper means. Saplings that are unwanted can be eaten to prevent dense thickets of woodland species.

The health of the environment, i.e., erosions, canopy, vegetation residual, and the health of the animals are regularly assessed during the project. If it is determined that either is in a declining status, the grazing plan will be changed. Nature is dynamic and so we are flexible in our plans.

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