The Protectors

Bringing livestock into urban communities requires attentive watch and sound security to keep the goats safe from the community and the community safe from the goats.

A Herder is present on site during the entire time of the grazing project, housed in a camp trailer located next to the site. It is necessary for someone to be with the animals in order to tend to the animals’ needs (water and safety), move and maintain fencing, maintain signs, and be on hand for any possible problems.

Animals are confined to their desired grazing area with portable electric fencing that has been used successfully in areas where deer are plentiful. It is compatible with birds and is in no way harmful. A person touching the wire would get an unpleasant shock but would receive no harm. Signs are posted notifying the public of the electric fence.

Due to the presence of predators our animals are protected by livestock companion dogs. These dogs have been used on many public park grazing projects where hikers, joggers, bicyclists, and persons walking their pets are in visual contact with the dogs. People are very positive about the dogs, asking many questions about them and coming to watch them. The dogs work by warning predators to keep their distance and letting the herders know that danger is approaching.

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