In the Press

“Just who first drafted the genus Capra for environmentally friendly fire safety duty is not clear. But certainly among the pioneers were Brea McGrew, a veterinarian, and her husband, Bob, a fireman, whose four-footed weed eaters have been at it since 1991.”

Edwin Kiester, Jr. – Smithsonian Magazine

“Goats will eat that canopy. They’ll lift that canopy about 6 feet. There’s not another species that will do that in a city.”

Melanie Mason, New York Times

“The cost for the goats is about the same compared to using mechanical equipment with human staffing, Mooney said, but the animals serve as a good environmentally-friendly alternative to noisy machines that kick up dust.”

Neil Gonzales and Robin Miller, The Reporter

“Goats clear brush in areas where machinery, chemicals can’t go.”

Mark Anderson, Sacramento Business Journal